Política de segurança da informação 


Information Security Policy

In developing online English tutorial services, RareJob Inc. positions information security as one of the key management policies and commits itself to protecting information assets from threats so as to offer trust and security to all stakeholders. Based on this policy, we establish the rules and management structure as the "Information Security Management System" to exercise social responsibilities by executing and continuing information security activities.

1. Information security

RareJob Inc. defines information security as maintenance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets. We identify the causes of information security risks from the aspect of threat and vulnerability according to the internal rules and take appropriate counter measures against the causes to mitigate the risks to tolerable levels.

2. Scope of information security

At RareJob Inc., the scope of information security management is defined for each service. The information assets to be secured include confidential information acquired through daily operations, documents such as contracts, and intellectual property including know-how as well as the computers and network facilities related to the business operations under the management of RareJob Inc., the information system such as software, and data processed in the information system.

3. Internal structure for information security

Our company organizes the Information Security Committee, assigns a manager to control the activities, and establishes an information security audit function to inspect the activities. We also have an emergency response framework with outside experts for possible information security incidents.

4. Information security controls

In adopting information security controls, the whole organization of RareJob Inc. acts as one. Our efforts include organizational management such as establishment of framework and procedures, human resource management including education and training for employees, physical and technical management in receiving and storing information assets.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations, and contracts related to information security

RareJob Inc. conducts information security activities in compliance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Act on Protection of Personal Information, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and Copyright Act, and other guidelines and regulations. We also act in conformity with requests from stakeholders regarding information security.

6. Continual improvement of Information Security Management System

Our company regularly reviews the Information Security Management System to protect information security from new type of threats stemmed from social changes and advancement of information technology. We also ensure to maintain and continually improve information security by taking preventive and corrective actions.

Gaku Nakamura
Representative Director of RareJob Inc.
Established: May28, 2012
Amended: July 1,2015